300 Wish List

By Annette Demeny

Steve Harvey says, “If you do these two things, it will change your life.”


I’m one who’s always open for learning and growing. So, when my youngest son sent me this motivational video from Steve Harvey, it truly struck a cord within me. For the past several months, I’d been feeling the need to shift my way of thinking (emotional and spiritual) and my overall approach to life. I began making small changes; stepping away from my cell phone, using less plastic, switching to plant-based foods in lieu of animal protein, meditating and praying first thing every morning. This video and it’s focus seemed to fit right in with my desire to grow and evolve. Take a listen…

In the video, Steve shares two scriptures (James 4:2-3 and Habakuk 2:2) that helped to change the course of his life.


James 4:2-3 You have not because you ask not.

Habakuk 2:2 Write your vision make it plain. 


The scripture says “you have not, because you ask not.” Do you have any idea how major those words are for you? Most people don’t have the life of your dreams because you haven’t asked God for it. Steve challenges everyone to write out at least 300 things that you want and meditate over them every morning and every evening.


You have to have a vision board! Most people who achieve wealth, have a vision board. Scripture says “write the vision and make it plain. So he who reads it will run to it, and even though it will tarry, wait for it. For surely it will come at an appointed time.


300 Wish List 

Here are the instructions for the 300 Wish List 


  1. Write down everything you want.
  2. Write at least 300 things. No goal is too big or too small. Don’t get clouded by thoughts telling you not to write that goal. It could be as small as trying a new hair color. Each goal is a step to becoming a better you! Below are some examples…
    1. Buy a new car (the more specific (color, type), the better)
    2. Invent something
    3. Read 50 books this year
    4. Build a new house
    5. Have a summer home
    6. Travel to Greece
    7. Swim in the Aegean Sea
    8. Have $500,000 in the bank
    9. Get paid to travel
    10. Buy an infrared sauna
    11. Start my own business
    12. Start a blog
    13. Go on a mission trip
    14. Run a half-marathon
    15. Marry a God-loving man/woman
    16. Have children (how many?)
    17. Learn how to play the piano
    18. Write a book
    19. Meet my favorite podcaster, Luke Storey
    20. Join a local church
  3. Read your list every morning and every night


Visible Vision Board

Here are the instructions for making an empowering vision board:


  1. Create a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next year
  2. Collect a bundle of old magazines with beautiful pictures
  3. Find pictures that represent your goals and inspire you
  4. Make a collage out of your photos
  5. Glue everything onto the board. Add writing if you want. You can paint on it, or write words with markers.


  • Take a photo of your vision board, this is your signal to God of what you want Him to do for you.
  • Save the photo as your phone and computer screen saver to make your vision board visible to you daily.

Today, I am asking you to join me!  Grab a notebook and write down everything you are asking God for. Try to get your list and vision board done by the New Year.  Each New Year, look to see what things you were able to check off your list. Over time, you may add, take off, or modify goals. The MAIN GOAL is trusting in GOD. The list and the things we are able to check off are ultimately, what God intended for us. No more, no less.


Let’s get started!!


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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash



What are a few things on YOUR 300 list?



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