5 Design Ideas to Refresh Your Home for Spring

By Annette Demeny

Spring is here! A season that I’ve been craving after many long, cold weeks of winter. Although I am grateful for cooler weather as a time to reset, winter sure does a number on me. My body quickly starts aching for time spent outside in the sunshine, opening windows to let the clean air in, and smelling fresh flowers.

As the season changes, so do design trends that tend to be lighter and brighter and more nature-inspired looks. This time of year is great not only for a good “spring cleaning” but also to give your home a spring design refresh?

Below are five simple and inexpensive tips to freshen up your space for spring!


Spring clean your entryway

Since coat racks become less necessary for hanging bulky winter coats, thick doormats are no longer needed to clean off bottom of your boots, and baskets for collecting hats and gloves become less crucial…store these remnants of winter away! Replace that thick doormat with a lighter, decorative rug and use those empty baskets as a drop spot for slip-on shoes and flip flops. The entryway is also a great place to add fresh flowers.


Replace heavy throws and pillows

Create a fresh new living room by replacing throws and pillows made of heavy fabrics like wool, velvet, and fur. Instead, swap them out for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen.  You can even replace your winter rugs. For instance, if you have a wool or woven rug during the colder months, consider switching out to a lighter and more colorful rug during the warmer months. It really is incredible how the senses respond to these simple changes. To read more about Why Decorating is Good for Your Senses, read my blog post.


Refresh the bedroom

Nothing says spring like fresh, crisp white bed linens. Give your bedroom a spring-lift by swapping out thick winter duvets and bedsheets with a lightweight quilt and linen sheets. Switch your decorative pillows with some natural cotton or trendy colorful ones. If you really want to lighten things up, change those heavy drapes with something lighter, such as sheers. Sheer drapes are pretty much see-through and offer a beautiful flow thanks to their lightweight nature.


Add plants (!)

Ah plants. I love them…both for the way they look and the joy that comes from watching them flourish. Spring marks the start of the growing season for outdoor and indoor plants. Add fresh blooms, a potted plant or even a small tree to liven up your home AND improve air quality! For tips on how to keep your indoor plants alive and thriving, check out this post.

You can also buy floral-scented candles or diffuser oils to really help you feel fresh and rejuvenated.


Don’t  buy anything new! Just rearrange!

If you’re anything like me, you reside in a mindful budget-focused world. The thought of purchasing new furniture or décor every season sends me into a bit of a panic. Solution?? REARRANGE! Move a piece of furniture, take the living room lamp and let it live in the bedroom for a while, or exchange a piece of wall art from one room to another. By simply placing a stack of books in a new place then placing a potted plant on top, can provide a updated perspective.


If you have any other seasonal design ideas you’ve tried in your own home, I’d love to hear them in the comments.



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