Set Forth You was designed to share thoughts and experiences of my three deepest passions ~

HEALTH ~  For 15 years, I worked as a Master Trainer in several evidenced based health programs from Diabetes education to Falls Prevention. Then, I decided to go back to college to study Nutrition. Not only in my spare time but nearly most of my time is spent reading books, studying research and listening to podcasts on just about anything nutrition, health and relationship related. Hopefully, I will be able to share the best and the most up-to-date information and assist by navigating the thousands and thousands of podcasts and books out there!

HOME ~ As a wife to a General Contractor…designing, building, and decorating run through my veins! I wholeheartedly believe that there’s magic in every home and the energy you create in that sacred space is everything!

HEALING ~ As a past Caregiver for my mother when diagnosed with cancer in 2005, a mom to a beautiful daughter who lives daily with Type 1 Diabetes and is a recent recipient of a kidney transplant , a mom to a son who is an overcomer that struggled mightily with drug dependency…this is my life’s purpose. Love, guide and educate.

My husband, Kevin, and I live in the small town of Lincolnton, North Carolina with our dog, Demi. We have a beautiful blended family of five adult children; Ashley, Zachary, Sam, Kayla and Megan and one grandson, Callaway. The adventures of these amazing people could lead to my first book, that’s for sure!

My vision for Set Forth You is to build a community of people seeking growth, knowledge, creating friendships, and be a reliable go-to resource platform. A community who feels welcomed to ask questions, tell THEIR stories, and inspire others to be the BEST version of themselves. It takes A LOT of time to walk through the trenches of so much information out there (podcasts, books, scientific journals, peer-reviewed studies, websites) and also vet the sources for trustworthiness. But I will do that for you by capturing and delivering valuable nuggets of knowledge in quick, easy reads. In addition, after each post I’ll offer up a general question to get the conversations started. A way of birthing the SFY tribe. So…WELCOME to Set Forth You and welcome to the family!

xoxo ~ Annette Demeny

Please email me anytime at [email protected] or if you are interested in partnerships or advertising. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.