Photo Credit - Versuvius Vineyards

In Stillness

In stillness you can discover gifts not only for yourself but for others. Let me explain.   Every morning, no […]

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Self-Care Practices for the Mind

It’s okay not to be okay. Often times we don’t give ourselves permission to just sit with our feelings. Really […]

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When Great Trees Fall

On May 28, 2020, my best friend of 22 years lost her husband, Brian. He was also the father of […]

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Faith, Awareness, and Discovery

Over the years, I’ve grown in my understanding that our thoughts guide every aspect of our lives. You are not […]

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What is forgiveness? The Greek root of the word forgiveness means “to set free”. Psychologists define it as a conscious […]

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Nurturing Your Recovery – Nutrition

Active addiction can deplete the body of its naturally nutrients and healthy microbiome. Many people in early recovery face malnutrition […]

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Healing Mother Earth Through Zero Waste Living

The EPA estimates the average family of four produce an astounding 17 pounds of landfill trash every single day! Zero […]

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25 Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Daily Practice

Mindfulness… I’m sure you have heard or seen this word while mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds or perhaps you’ve […]

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