Home Design and Decor Trends for 2020

By Annette Demeny

With each new year comes new interior design trends. In 2019, we saw a rise in client interest in subway tile, ship-lap and rose gold. Now in 2020, some of those interests will flow over into this new year but we will also see some fresh ideas take claim. Let’s make our way through some of these projected fads and trends that you may consider if planning to build or redesign your home in 2020!


Clients seem to be stepping towards fresh, natural materials such as, wicker, copper, and hand-crafted style of fixtures. These elements create a comforting and unique environment.


Rose gold made it’s way back onto the décor scene in 2019 and I anticipate it will stick around for a couple more seasons. At Demeny Builders, we saw rose gold utilized on pull handles, accent lighting and built-in planters. We are predicting to see more copper and other metals, including brass, in this years designs. The once popular polished nickel and stainless steel will be replaced with brass accents.

Geometric Patterns

Towards the end of last year, I began to see an influx of geometric patterns. From flooring to backsplash tile, this dramatic punch can bring a sense of elegance to any space. This look can also be achieved by layering rugs with patterned fabrics.


Formal Dining Rooms

We’ve seen a drastic decline in homeowners wanting formal dining rooms included in their house plans. Opting for more of a casual dining space. Open concept floor plans are still a very popular choice.

Black and White

Black and white is not only a modern trend but timeless as well. According to Pinterest, searches for white cabinets and black countertops are the top 2020 home design searches. If you prefer more color, add a pop of bright furniture, accents, rugs, and prints. Black and white provides a sense of balance and maybe you can incorporate it into your home this year!

Bringing Nature Inside

There’s been an uptick in installing large, tall windows in our house plans, as well as, disappearing glass walls that access outdoor areas. With our technology-driven society, people seem to be longing for connectivity with nature. This can be achieved not only with windows (lighting) but by bringing nature indoors. Using natural materials such as, wood floors, stone counter tops, and lots of plant life can connect us while providing some health benefits. Did you know? Plants have been shown to clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, producing oxygen and increasing humidity. Bonus! They look BEAUTIFUL!

I hope this gave you a few ideas when looking to build or redesign your home. I encourage you to explore design while using ALL your valuable senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste). That is a trend that is IN and here to stay!


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What’s your favorite design trend this year? 


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