Homemade Sauerkraut

Materials you will need ~

A wide mouth glass mason jar

Knife or Mandoline slicer

Cutting board

Large mixing bowl

A weight of some sort

A lid or kitchen towel that lets kraut breathe

1 English cucumber

1 large head of cabbage

4 teaspoons of pickling salt

Directions ~

  1. Rinse cabbage in cool water. Discard any discolor leaves.
  2. Using a large knife, quarter cabbage and remove core. Slice cabbage in thin strips with a sharp knife or mandoline slicer. Do not use a grater. This particular kraut works best with uniform slices. Place sliced cabbage in large bowl.
  3. Thinly slice your english cucumber. I leave peels on but it’s your preference. Place sliced cucumber in large bowl with cabbage.

  1. Add 4 teaspoons of pickling salt. If you don’t have pickling salt, you can use kosher salt but your brine may be cloudy. I prefer pickling salt.
  2. Here’s where the work begins! With clean hands, massage the mixture for about 20 minutes. You don’t want to be conservative for this process. Really massage by crushing ingredients together. After about 20 minutes, you should notice a deeper green appearance and juice in bottom of bowl.

  1. Transfer ingredients in your glass mason jar. Once everything has been transferred, press ingredients down into jar by using a pestle or end of a rolling pen. Again…don’t be afraid of really putting some muscle behind it. It’s super important to get the air out and let the brine rise to top.
  2. Then, you need to place a food weight on top to keep pressure on it while it ferments. If you don’t have a food weight, I use a smaller mason jar full of water to place down on top of it.

  1. Once the weight is in place, cover the top of the jar with a towel and rubber band.

  1. Store your kraut away from direct sunlight. Be careful not to store a place where you may forget about it! Let it sit for about a week, taste it and if it’s not fermented enough, let it sit a little longer. I like my kraut really sour so I let it sit up to 2 weeks or so.
  2. After it’s to your liking, skim off any scum from the top surface then store in fridge. Will keep for several months.

*Do  not use metal containers when fermenting*


Now it’s your turn!! Go forth and make some kraut! Head over to my blog post Ferment…Your Gut Will Thank You to learn the amazing health benefits of sauerkraut!


Recipe provided by Vivian Howard, Chef and the Farmer. Check out her incredible cookbook, Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South


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Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South, by Vivian Howard


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