If Only…

By Annette Demeny

If only. How often have you said this familiar two-word phrase? If only I would have studied harder. If only I had more money. If only I wouldn’t have done _____ (fill in the blank). Our hopes and disappointments seem to hang on the very thread of if only. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to so we get stuck and fixate on what could have been or what should be.


Have you ever considered that not only in spite of our problems and our past, but because of them, Christ can be glorified in our lives? Have you considered that God strategically placed you right where you are to be a witness to those around you?


Scripture empowers us to reframe our perspective from if only to what ifWhat if  the very thing that feels frustrating and disappointing is the strategic assignment God is calling us to and equipping us for?


God’s purpose can be right in the middle of what seems like utter chaos to you. Don’t try to make sense of it. Trust and have faith that God knew you would face days like these.


The Book of Job is a good example of this. Job was a human being just like us and tried to understand why he experienced so much pain, yet he was a faithful servant of God. Job had such a deep trust and love for God that when he found out he had lost all his wealth and his seven children, he stood strong and said, ‘the Lord gave and has taken away, blessed be his name’. Not many of us can say this after the death of all our children but Job did, and it showed how much he trusted God.

There was a time when Job was stricken with disease and even though he trusted God, he couldn’t make sense of why all of this was happening to him. Just like Job, we all fall short in trying to understand our life’s journey but the lesson is to trust God. Know that there’s a purpose behind the suffering, for you and even for generations to come!


In the end, Job’s good health returned, he was blessed with more children, and became twice as wealthy as he had been prior to his troubles. More importantly, he learned to trust God regardless.


In the mist of pain or when life’s not how you envisioned it to be, trust in the “what if “. Don’t try to figure out God’s motive. It’s always the same…he wants to bless you with good, even if we have to endure pain in the process. While staying in faith, we can rewrite the if only narrative that has been playing on repeat in many of our lives.


How are you going to reframe your “if only”? Tell us in the comments below!



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I love – this part ….. not only in spite of our problems and our past but ….. because of them –
YOU ROCK ! Thank you for letting God use YOU

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