One-Year Blog Anniversary

So as you can probably tell by the name of this blog post it is my One year blog anniversary 🎉 Wow!  How exciting, challenging, and rewarding this journey has been. One year in and so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Last year, I purposefully chose April 22nd as my official launch date because it’s also Earth Day. What better day than that to set forth (no pun intended 🙂 ) my blog out into the world?!


My goal at Set Forth You is to simply share ~ with YOU ~ information, lessons, habits, life stories and experiences that I’ve discovered on my journey of becoming the best version of myself. My hopes are that something you read along the way will help nourish your beautiful body and mind, create a sacred space at home, cultivate growth in your faith and learn ways to keep our precious Mother Earth vibrant.


Before we go any further, I want to say a giant thank you to everyone who has visited my blog in the past year. And special shout out to those who have subscribed, are return visitors, or who have written comments or emails to me. Your feedback, support and precious time is so valued!


For this week’s post, it will simply be a little celebration of SFY and the 63 posts (so far) about Health, Home, and Healing. To do that, I thought I would highlight five of most visited/read posts from the first year of Set Forth You with a focus on Earth Day!




Roundup, the chemical branded by Bayer-Monsanto, is heavily used in the United States and around the world. Many people do not know or understand the serious health and environmental issues posed by glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. Glyphosate is a common herbicide (weed-killer) used in crop lands and residential areas such as home lawns and gardens. Before you decide to use this product or even similar products this spring and summer, please take time to read this post.



A straw with our iced coffee, a plastic bag to carry our takeout, a plastic bag for our groceries: taken individually, each seems harmless. These modern conveniences are so common place—and so quickly thrown out—that they hardly register in our minds. But single-use plastics come with a steep environmental price—one that we’ll be paying off for many, many centuries. Our plastic addiction is having a devastating impact on our oceans, our wildlife, and our health. It’s time for a plastic intervention…read post here.



The EPA estimates the average family of four produce an astounding 17 pounds of landfill trash every single day! Zero waste living means aiming to reduce that landfill-bound trash to a bare minimum.

There are 7+ billion people living on Mother Earth and reducing our waste help us live within our planet’s means by using her resources more efficiently. This new way of living doesn’t happen without effort and establishing new habits. It’s a process and one that I work at daily. You can too! Start by reading post here.



Mindfulness…I’m sure you have heard or seen this word while mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds or perhaps you’ve run across it in a self-help book you’ve recently read. Mindfulness is an awareness, a presence, a deep connection to ourselves and others around us and to the world itself. Allowing yourself to slow down, process things and experiences with a full focus on the present moment. A universal connection, a collective conscientiousness. Sounds like a big task? Rest easy, mindfulness doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes stillness, even life experiences to move into that space. Some even say it’s an awakening or spiritual enlightenment of sorts. It’s a very individual journey so your perspective may look a little different than someone else’s. That’s where the beauty happens. In this post, learn 25 daily things that can help you move into a space of practicing this new awareness, this new inner connection.



In Western Civilization, while the cases of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and countless other diseases increase, so does the number of prescription medications.  Diabetes is a systemic disease, its effects are felt in virtually all parts of the body. If we don’t address the root causes and stop using drugs as a Band-Aid, we will only get sicker and sicker. I understand that change is a huge undertaking especially when you don’t even know where to start. So much of our decline in health stems from multiple things; environmental toxins, chemicals in plastics and in our foods, lack of exercise, exposure to toxic EMF’s…the list goes on and on. In this post, I cover which chemicals in our foods that could be contributing to obesity, diabetes and other diseases, as well as, three questions you should ask yourself before consuming any food.


Whew! There you have it. Five favorite Earth-Focused blog posts from the first year of Set Forth You.


Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all of the love and support you’ve shown since day one. I can’t wait to see what year two has in store!


Now I’d love to know, what’s been your favorite post so far? Share it in the comments below!




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