Tis the Season to Reset

By Annette Demeny

The significance of designating January as the time of year to reset has always been a little confusing to me. For some reason, I feel that fall and winter are the PERFECT time to purge, reorganize and just reset from the busyness of work, school, schedules, and life. Most of us are gifted extra time off from work during the holidays plus, the cold weather tries to convince us to stay inside more…what a good opportunity to declutter!

Think of decluttering as the primary “resolution”. The one task that helps you achieve all of your other goals leading up to a New Year!


The first thing to do before starting your purge project is to take a “before” photo and then begin your prep. If you have children at home, include them in the process. You may have to start in a shared room (maybe the laundry or mudroom) and let them see the progress. Organizing can be contagious once progress is seen. Now that you have everyone onboard, the next step is to make a plan. Focus on one room or area at a time. If not, you may find yourself doing a lot of work but never getting anything accomplished.


Another good tip is to set a timer. This will help everyone keep at a steady pace. Commit to shutting off any distractions – TV or cellphones. I find putting on some of my favorite music or a good podcast is helpful and fun. Now, sort items in every room into three areas – one for trash (or recycling), one for donation, and one for keeping.


I would describe myself as an extreme minimalist so whatever is kept, it MUST have a home when it’s not in use. Come up with creative ways to store items; storage containers, baskets, hooks. Label bins and containers. This step is crucial in remembering what goes where and maintaining order. For everyday use items such as, keys, glasses, etc., establish a drop spot for them. This way, you’re not wasting time searching for your keys. They will have a home. I use a wooden decorative bowl in my kitchen as my drop spot.


Once you are finished, take an “after” photo. Seeing how organized and tidy things are will help you and your family strive to keep it that way.


After I’ve purged, reorganized, and decluttered, I do a refresh to our space. When it comes to refreshing the details in our home, I consider all five senses; smelling, hearing, touching, tasting, and seeing. To learn more about decorating with your five senses, read my post Why Decorating Is Good For Your Senses.


To me, lighting a Christmas-scented candle, swapping out textured pillows and colorful throws, displaying seasonal fruits and flowers in the kitchen and playing soft music sets the tone for the season. Of the five senses, smell is one of the most powerful when it comes to evoking memories. Don’t under estimate the power of spiced cider, warm soup, or pumpkin pie! Those smells can become etched into your children’s sense of home. You are creating a pretty special memory!


I hope this has inspired you to declutter, reset and refresh your home during this season. Merry Christmas and here’s to a wonderful New Year!!!



Do you plan to declutter, reset and refresh this year? Let me know in the comments ~ 



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