What I See…

By Tonya Whisnant


What do you see when looking at this plate?  It’s cracked? Broken? Appears dirty? Useless? Unattractive?

What I see….

A beautiful rose

New growth waiting to bloom


The love of a woman who put food on her table for her family

Stories around a dinner table

The love for one’s belongings that they try and save it from being thrown away


After spending so much of my life trying to be perfect for everyone in every way I learned to find the beauty in the imperfections.  To find the love in the brokenness. To understand that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a story.  Their story is special to them.  Their experiences are important to them.  Their cracked, broken, dirty, useless, unattractive parts are just as important as the unbroken, clean, useful, pretty parts!  The bad does not define who we are but it helps shape us to be better people.


I bought a set of these plates at a yard sale.  The broken one is the one I will keep and I will use it.  The others I will give as gifts with a little something special on them.  I will keep the broken one as a daily reminder of how God heals even the most broken parts of us and still uses us for His will-to glorify His name and share His word.


Don’t discard something just because it is a little cracked.  Find another use for it and share it’s story.


God Bless!   By: Tonya Whisnant



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